Beyond Gasoline: The Auto Industry In Transition

With the steep rise in fuel prices and the increased awareness of environmental impact, the auto industry is undergoing a major transition moving away from heavy gas guzzlers to more frugal, efficient vehicles. In this panel, we explore the possible directions that the auto industry can take like hybrids, alternate energy sources etc to mitigate the above mentioned impact.

Big Data and the Future of Energy Efficiency

Designers, engineers and architects are trying to find ways to build new structures and solutions in a more energy efficient manner, and big data analytics may be helping the cause. As big data tools advance alongside innovations in construction and energy storage, buildings and their owners may see cost savings through increased energy efficiency. This panel is focussed on bringing together an entrepreneur, venture capatilist, expert from the utility industry and non-profit working on energy efficiency to understand the current and future trends.

Profiting from Sustainability: Companies That "Get It"

This panel will be comprised of leaders in the field of sustainability and will discuss how their organizations have balanced a commitment to sustainability with obligations to financial shareholders. The panel will discuss how sustainability programs are viewed by the companies: As a driver of improved financial benefits (cost reduction, revenue expansion or risk reduction) or simply as the responsible way to run a business. The panel will also consider the unexpected consequences of becoming a more sustainable organization.

Green Schools Movement: Making a difference

Raising Capital for Energy

Commercial Solar: Creating high impact policy

MA is at the forefront of solar development relative to the rest of the country. Despite this success, many investors have soured on solar and many critics argue that we can do better. The panel will discuss the past, present and future of the industry in order to identify the underlying issues responsible for the sentiment and look at how policy can play a critical role in transforming this industry. The goal of this discussion is to identify ways that the commercial solar industry can leverage collaboration among the different stakeholders to develop innovative financing mechanisms and high impact policy that can ensure the future growth and success of the industry.