We’re working hard to get the folks at BEEC some awesome events, we will keep you posted on any developments, in the meantime we have planned the Babson Sustainability Case Competition and the Babson Energy & Environmental Conference below, as well as our upcoming trek to OLEV Technologies.

Olev logo

OLEV™ (On Line Electric Vehicle) Technology, a zero emission green transportation solution, delivers a breakthrough technology based on wireless electric power transfer for the electric vehicle industry. Founded in 2011, OLEV Technologies, Inc. is a Boston, Massachusetts based company established to commercialize an innovative wireless charging technology for heavy duty electric vehicles (EVs). OLEV Technologies, Inc. is the exclusive licensee of the Shaped Magnetic Field in Resonance (SMFIR™) technology and the On-Line Electric Vehicle wireless EV charging system which were originally developed at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and the recipient of the 50 Best Inventions of the Year 2010 by the Time Magazine. We’ll be heading to OLEV’s offices on February 13 to learn more about the company and to discuss their upcoming launch and what projects are in the works, as well as take advantage of valuable networking opportunities with employees. Please click here for more information about OLEV, and email Dhruv Varma (dvarma1@babson.edu) for more information about the trek, as space is limited.